episode 1a

The Shooting Gallery – Episode 1

episode 2

Where’s the Cotin? – Episode 2

episode 3

The Iceman – Episode 3

Episode 4

Panic at the Steam Train Hotel – Episode 4

Episode black

Episode 5

Cliff’s Meth Lab – Episode 5

Clifford Aragon and Jeff Arranging Drug Deal on Phone with Josette, wife of Michael

Veronica Cisneros Accosting Local Business Owner In The Streets of Antonito, Colorado

Drug Deal Outside of Local Drug Dealer Veronica’s House in Antonito, Colorado

Drug Dealer Veronica tries the “stare down method” of intimidation

Clifford Aragon, convicted felon and drug dealer still involved with the Steam Train Hotel

Drug dealer scout tries to intimidate and case the block

Local Cop Consorts With Drug Dealers tries to intimidate law abiding citizens

To read about the drug dealers and their associates click here: DRUG DEALERS

All raw video has been given to the CBI and DEA  as well as the Colorado State Troopers.

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